Tuesday, May 1, 2007

April 16

the beginning of the end

April 15

Need I say more?

April 14

Today I did so much I took this photo at the last min before work. I went to the down with aussie, and then went for a drink at the 'ranch'. Phew.what a full day. It was so sunny and hot and beautiful.

April 13

I went with the flower theme again today because I saw this tree. Its one of those short ones where the branches spread out really wide. And the flowers were so pretty I couldn't help it. They were kida weird shaped too which I liked.

April 12

April 11

Trains make me nervous sometimes.
ive thought about it and im not sure why.
its not being on them, its something to do with the getting to the station,getting a ticket, getting there on time etc.

April 10

we went into reading and I took this from on top of the car park. Im not sure why though..

April 9

Today………………..THIS HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough said.

April 8

Maybe yesterday double yammy of excitement (new food and a celebrity) made today boring because Apparently nothing interesting happened today, as this is the photo I ended up with. Not that hes not interesting, just, well, you know what I mean

April 7

today we went to a new indian in pangbourne and it was soooooooo good. So good that celebrities eat there. The goalie from Reading FC- Marcus Hanaman. In all honesty, had I not been with fans, I would have thought he was your regular very day american indian food eater.